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Delivery & Payment


Designated Address (Pick Up Downstairs)

  • Enjoy a free delivery upon single purchase to HK$2,500 or above.

  • HK$100 delivery charge will be applied for order less than HK$2,500 (Pick Up Downstairs: Kowloon and New Territories HK$150, Hong Kong Island HK$180)


  • 單次惠顧滿HK$2,500或以上可享免費送貨一次

  • 惠顧低於HK$2,500須支付運費(地面交收:九龍及新界HK$150,香港島HK$180)

  • 每日中午12點前落單➕ 同日下午5點前完成付款,✔ 後天下午3點後送貨 (i.e. 21/7 中午12點前落單,21/7 下午5點前付款,23/7 下午3點後送貨

Payment Methods 付款方式

1)轉數快 FPS:-
FPS 識別碼: 102146339

2) 銀行轉帳 ATM:-
恆生銀行戶口 Hang Seng Bank: 239-441-538-001
Green Pine Corporation Limited



Bad Weather Arrangement 惡劣天氣安排

Delivery service will be suspended when Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above or Black Rainstorm Signal is hoisted. We will contact customer to re-arrange the order after the bad weather signal has been cancelled


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